Trippin’ Rippin’ | 7 Ani de Beat Poetry

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We are overwhelmingly excited to announce that we just turned 7 the first day of this month. We would also like to offer our sincerest thanks to you for your dedication, love and support over the years. To celebrate this occasion we call you all to gather one more time for a night full of positive vibrations and dancing tricks.

Beat Poetry first took place in Club Brain on May 1st 2010. What was at first just a simple laid back music night, now is much more than that: it’s an experience, a collective, a sound journey through time, through imaginary, fantastic and forgotten places, through occult and intergalactic ghettos – an evolution of thought and senses, an evolution of music and of different ways of expression. Our pledge is to continue the original spirit in which we began: one of experimentation, progression, tolerance and mindfulness.

So here we all are, 7 years after that particular moment in time, celebrating with lots of ‘neck-snapping beats’, raving psyche sounds, thug jazz, riot funk, and various dubs and electronica only to remember that the “beat scene” is, in fact, a multi-genred, multifaceted, deep, deep well of sound.

Please join us Saturday night, 13th of May, at Meru Iaşi, as we celebrate the milestone of 7 trips around the sun, and hopefully many more.

Expect forward-thinking, brain-imploding, full-spectrum sounds.

Admission / Support: 10 lei < 23:30 > 15 lei

Event supported by Meru Iaşi, Brain Events, Uman Iasi, Acaju.

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